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1. When posting a comic, please make sure it is kid-friendly. Not everyone here is 18 years old, you know!

2. If we delete a photo, it's for a reason. Don't be a idiot and post it again!

3. Don't steal my bacon. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. No outside links except for Youtube, William Beasley's Funny Videos, Twitter, Blinky: Infinite/Blinky: Prelude or Cyan Chat. Admins may post any           outside links just as long as it's appropriate.

5. All forum posts will be reviewed. All inappropriate forum posts WILL be deleted!

6. If you're a Admin/Mod, please make sure you do a good job.

7. This isn't eHarmony! No Online Dating!

8. No Cyber Bullying. You should know that by now.

9. No impersonating one of the guys from the series or a Admin/Mod. You'll get deleted for that, ya know!

10. No Asking for Admin. It's very annoying and it puts me in a bad mood. :c


1. A warning

2. Another warning

3. Become demoted (Owner>Admin>Mod>Member>Limited)

4. Account Deletion