nar and buds nar and buds household madness so much stuff going on at once. worse than what danny puts up with 180787020 no more problems silver gets whats coming to him 180787806 spike dosent like carrots don't try to feed spike carrots 180793838 blues cooking is killer with guest appearance, cuyle! 180801381 plain randomness with guest stars:james and danny! 180802210 tactical silver always wins always use tactical silver 180844820 silver has an idea silver has a strike of brilliance.. which.. is short lived 180890842 Just some updates Some updates you need to know. Don't worry, i'll be putting some more up soon 192611989 Silver's glorious comic Who knew silver had it in him? 192636431 Attack on Titan troubles Who is the bigger AOT fan? Only Brendan knows 192980835