The Magnificent 4 Official Webpage

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The Magnificent 4 is a comic book series by cartoonist: James Franklin. The series is about four morons going on unrealistic adventures both idiotic and hilarious. The four characters are-

James- The least intelligent of them all who is extremley obsessed with bacon and for some reason, the only character in the group without pupils.

Carl- The natural leader of the group, Carl is cautious of his surroundings but gets easily distracted with his obsession with his afro.

Danny- The most intelligent of the group, Danny is a geek. He gets easily aggrevated and can get extremley angry easily. What is classic about him is his hatred for James even though James always gets paired up with him when they split up.

Pedey- The pet of the group, Pedey is possibly the most rebelious lizard you have ever seen. He always goes by his own rules but more is loyal and kind to Carl than the other guys in the group.